LEVEL: Second grade.
SUBJECT AREAS: Science and Art.
ABOUT THE UNIT/ WHERE THIS UNIT FITS.This unit introduces children to the idea of plants as living things which grow and change. Children should become aware of similarities and differences in plants.In this unit, it is provided a basic understanding of how plants are born, grow, reproduce, what they need to live and the fruits we obtain from them. Experimental and investigate work focuses on:
  • turning ideas into a form that can be tested.
  • making and recording observations.
  • using results to communicate what happened and to draw conclusions.
  • looking for informations on different means to present it in pictures or texts.
  • making questions and answers about plants.

Children have opportunities to link their knowledge of how plants grow to their understanding of science and to ways in which growing plants should be treated with sensitivity. Morever, They will develop their thinking skills and personal capabilities through the different tasks. This unit improves the knowledge and interaction with the physical world and the respect of the natural environment.It takes approximately 9 hours.